MEDEAnet webinar: Meet the winners of the MEDEA Awards 2014

MEDEAnet webinar: Meet the winners of the MEDEA Awards 2014

MEDEAnet webinar: Meet the winners of the MEDEA Awards 2014

This webinar was held on 11 December 2014 16:00-17:00 CET and was attended by 22 participants from 15 countries.

The webinar featured the winning entries in the MEDEA Awards 2014 which were the Digital Prevention Platform and Un autre monde/Eine andere Welt.

The Digital Prevention Platform, winner of the MEDEA Award for Professionally Produced Educational Media, is produced by Saffron Interactive Ltd for the Against Violence and Abuse (AVA) service in the UK which is working to end all forms of Violence Against Women and Girls. It is presented by Toby Harris from Saffron Interactive Ltd & Joanna Sharpen from AVA, they do not only talk about the entry itself and how it was produced but also about how it might be taken up and used in other parts of the world.

Winner of the MEDEA Award for User-Generated Educational Media Award is Un autre monde/Eine andere Welt, a joint submission from Albeck Gymnasium Sulz in Germany and Collège Frédéric Hartmann, Munster in France based on the experiences of a virtual exchange project that operates using simulations taking place in Second Life. It is presented by Stephanie Wössner from Albeck Gymnasium Sulz, Germany who highlights the value of using this type of tool to really engage students when learning a foreign language.






Stephanie Wössner, Allbeck Gymnasium Sulz, Germany

Toby Harris, Saffron Interactice Ltd, UK and Joanna Sharpen, AVA, UK


Stephanie Wössner, Albeck Gymnasium Sulz, Germany

Stephanie Wössner graduated from university with a teaching degree in English and French as foreign languages in 2008. While getting her teaching degree, she also worked towards earning a bachelor’s degree in Japanese Studies with a minor in American Studies, and during her studies she spent about two years in different countries (USA, France, Japan). She usually teaches grades 7 through 12. ICT are an integral part of her teaching, and her students can do lots of projects in her classes. Stephanie also dedicates quite some time to student exchanges, both virtual and real exchanges usually involving digital media projects. Besides teaching full-time, Stephanie is also an edublogger (, webmaster of several websites, member of the board of CyberLangues, a French association for ICT and language teaching, and she is working on a PhD in Asian American Studies. Stephanie's website:

Toby Harris, Saffron Interactive Ltd, United Kingdom

Toby is the creative lead and platform product manager at Saffron Interactive and an open source enthusiast. He likes it best when he is adding value to the elearning community, developing new thinking about how people development programmes and platforms can drive business performance and prove ROI.

Toby has extensive experience with learning management systems, a frenetic devotion to social media and consequently is able to keep a keen eye on best-practices in the ever-evolving world of elearning. His role at Saffron is to ensure that our team and our clients are continually developing best-of-class learning solutions.

Joanna Sharpen, AVA, United Kingdom

Jo Sharpen is a qualified youth worker with a BSc (hons) in Psychology and a MA in Women and Child Abuse. She is also an online counsellor working with young people who have experienced abuse. She has worked for AVA - Against Violence and Abuse ( for 8 years. Prior to this she worked for the Institute of Psychiatry as a researcher and then at Eaves Women’s Aid for several years, in a refuge. She is also an online counsellor for young people who have experienced gender based violence.

She wrote the national toolkit on children and domestic violence ‘Improving Safety, Reducing Harm’ for practitioners which was published by the Department of Health in 2009 and is currently editing a new version. She has also written numerous policy briefings, guidance and training packages on violence against women and girls. She also write the national guidance for the Home Office on preparing for the amendment to the domestic violence definition and assessing risks to teenagers  and moderated their ‘this is abuse’ forum, responding to over 3000 young people.


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