Fifth MEDEAnet webinar “Videos for teaching”, 21 March 2013, 4pm CET

Slide from presentation Bram Faes
Fifth MEDEAnet webinar “Videos for teaching”,  21 March 2013, 4pm CET
Fifth MEDEAnet webinar “Videos for teaching”,  21 March 2013, 4pm CET

On 21 March 2013 MEDEAnet organised a one hour webinar about integrating videos in teaching and how it influences the learning behaviour and learning effects, with a special focus on the recent trend 'Flipping the Classroom', in which students study the main content already at home (for example through videos) so that they can use what they’ve learned to realise concrete exercises & projects during the face-to-face class. This online event attracted 40 participants from 15 different countries, who were mainly teachers and trainers.

Our first speaker, Olaf de Groot (De Verdieping at stichting Kennisnet, the Netherlands) focused on flipping the classroom model, how this concept can be integrated in the daily lessons and how it effects the teaching and learning experiences in school. Our second speaker, Bram Faems (Jonatan Berkenboom and KlasCement, Belgium) presented a toolkit he developed for teachers to let students produce their own videos - a flipped flipping the classroom model so to speak, and he also discussed the students’ learning experiences when developing their own videos. After the presentations, participants could ask questions in an open discussion and are free to still ask questions in our online forum discussion on this webinar.

View the recording and presentations below, and for other interesting resources related to media-based learning you can visit the Media & Learning Resources Database.

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Olaf de Groot (Stichting Kennisnet, the Netherlands)

Olaf introduced the Flipped Classroom model, the reasons to do it and how to make a good start. He presented the didactical and differentiation approach you can take, showed what flipping the classroom looks like and where it leaves the teacher.

Bram Faems (Jonatan Academie & KlasCement, Belgium)

Bram talked about the different approach he takes in the Jonatan Academie as he flips the flipped classroom model: the pupils (10-13 years old) teach other kids how to solve mathematical or linguistic problems by creating videos, allowing them to learn in the process of creating the videos.


Olaf de Groot, Stichting Kennisnet, the Netherlands

photo of Olaf de Groot

Olaf de Groot started teaching at a primary school after his study of law (and of course the teacher training). After 7 years of teaching the oldest pupils he started, in 2011, as facilitator on De Verdieping at Stichting Kennisnet. Kennisnet is a foundation that focusses on the use of ICT in education in the Netherlands. For more than a decade Kennisnet is active in the field of primary education, secondary education and vocational education.

In the process of coaching groups of teacher on De Verdieping the use of video is of great advantage. In the Dutch educational system there is a great difference in the level of video use in the primary process. Lately there is special interest in the didactical model of Flipping the Classroom. Kennisnet has researched the effects of this model in education. Especially the advantages that the model brings the teachers makes that the model is being embraced in schools. For his work Olaf is interested in the pedagogical and didactical backgrounds of using the flipping the classroom model.

Bram Faems, Jonatan Academie, Belgium

photo of Bram Faems

Bram Faems looks back on a very diverse carrier as teacher, ICT Coordinator and deputy school leader in Jonatan Berkenboom. This school for special needs education for children with learning difficulties has a long standing reputation in helping these children by using technology. The Jonatan Academy project he started in 2011 takes a different approach to e-learning as both watching online educational movies as creating them is part of the learning process. For his work on this project he was awarded by the Queen Paola Foundation for Education and won the award for Teacher as Innovater and Change Agent at theEuropean Microsoft Partners in Learning forum.

Bram Faems got the opportunity to broaden his horizons thanks to internationally acclaimed teachers’ portal KlasCement. There he moderates the teaching materials that teachers submit and he coordinates several projects.

On his blog,  he writes about his passion to blend emerging technologies with  education


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